About Any City Sports Fan

Origins of Any City

A few years ago, a founding member moved to New Orleans and couldn’t find any place to watch the St. Louis Cardinals or meet any other St. Louis fans, even though he knew they were out there. After a completely unsuccessful web search, he gave up.

Fast forward a couple of years, and this same founding member was traveling quite a bit for business and found it hard to find a place to watch the Cardinals again. He had to resort to calling all bars in the area to ask if the game was on. More often than not, the person who answered the phone either didn’t know how to work the MLB cable package or just didn’t know if they had it. Frustrating as it was, he was forced to admit defeat again… but he had a great idea for a website.

What does Any City do for you?

We started this site to connect fans to one another. Any Sport. Any Team. Any City.

What can you do with Any City Sports Fan? Plan watch parties with your friends. Check in to let other fans know where you are. See where other fans are watching the game. After all, cheers sound better when multiplied.

Watch the Adventure of Andy to see how Any City helps fans connect!

So this website is dedicated to you, Mr. Displaced fan on business, Mr. Traveler who is stuck in a hotel room, Mr. Recent College Grad who just moved to New Orleans. Dedicated to all the fans who would like to better their fan experience and connect with other people who share the same love for their team.

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