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  • What is Any City?

    What is Any City?

    Any City Sports Fan is a social network that helps you to connect with other sports fans! Watch "Adventures of Andy" to see exactly how joining Any City brings fans together.

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  • Why Any City?

    Why Any City?

    This website is designed to use local sports fan's information to create a community resource for everybody.  Talk to fans of YOUR team in YOUR city or the city YOU want.

    -Organize a tailgate

    -Create a watch party

    -Cheer as a group

  • Where is Any City?

    Where is Any City?

    Wherever you are there are other sports fans of your team out there.  Any City Sports Fan will allow transplant fans or travelers to meet other people who cheer for the same team!

  • On the road again?

    On the road again?

    Life on the road is hard enough without having to try to find a place showing your team.  Find the best place to watch the game from fans of your team who live in THAT town.
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    • Countdown to the playoffs... Countdown to the playoffs... Who's going to make the playoffs? Use Any City Sports Fan to find other fans of your team to cheer them on to the World Series.
    • NFL is starting up... NFL is starting up... Follow your team to the Superbowl. Get out and root them on!
    • College Football... College Football... Only one team will win the BCS National Championship. Get on the road and catch a game!